Welcome to my tiny corner of the Internet hosted on a tiny Asus Tinker Board ARM computer1 running 24/7.

This page is mostly an outlet for my views: A place where I can speak somewhat openly without having to take the infinitesmal intelligence of average humans into consideration. In real life, I'm a sort of quiet and friendly person, but on this website I intend to voice my opinions, raise a few eyebrows, and perhaps even help someone out there come to new understanding of God, Life, and All.

If you like what I write, feel free to contact me. If you dislike this site, feel free to nurture your intellect at Disney or Facebook.

This website currently includes these sections:

Section Description
Tech Articles on Linux and to some degree Windows. Mostly stuff that I find interesting.
FaithArticles on God, Life, and All. Mostly stuff that I find interesting.
LinksVarious links of infinitesmal interest to any normal human being.

Mikael Egevig

  1. About as powerful as your cell phone.